Know you can legally call a number!

The Purify Telephone Preference Service checks each number in your system to ensure you are able to call that number regarding sales and marketing.

It is a legal requirement that UK companies do not make such calls to numbers registered on the TPS. The full legal details are on the TPS site, but basically if you make sales or marketing calls, even to existing customers or for charitable donations, you must take note of the TPS.

More information on how to install Purify TPS is available here.



Use it for free!

We offer a free trial for TPS checking, up to a specific number of records each month.

This is a great method of testing, developing and checking you are happy with our service without paying a penny!


Simple & effective

Purify have done all the hard work in order to make the system as simple and robust as possible.

Install a solution, authorise us into your CRM system and keep your TPS details up to date automatically.


Legal Requirement

It is a illegal for companies to make sales and marketing calls to numbers registered on the TPS.

Immediately get rid of the complexity by using our simple TPS checking tool and ensure you obey UK law, while also managing consent statements to allow you to phone your customers that agree to being called.