Email ValidationEmail Validation

Only allow correct email addresses in your CRM system!

Our email validation system allows us to provide real time feedback and prevent users entering invalid information.

Customisable coverage of all emails allowing you to validate at different levels, whether it be the syntax, the domain or the entire email address!

Optionally suggest corrections - if an email has been spelt wrong we try and fix it for you!

More information on how to install Email Validation is available here.

Email Validation


Worldwide coverage

Email validation works with any email address, anywhere in the world.

Have faith that using any email address in your CRM is correct and will be received!


Better data quality!

Instantly avoid inputting bogus emails into your CRM system.

If an email contains a misspelling, we will try to correct in real time.


Simple & effective

Purify have done all the hard work in order to make the system as simple and robust as possible.

Install a solution, set a few settings and have accurate email data in no time at all.